Cherrybrook Vet Hospital commits a significant amount of time and effort , at no charge, to scanning stray and lost dogs for microchips and then trying to locate their owners and re-unite pet with owner. It is not unusual for us to have several stray brought to us each week or even, occasionally, in one day.

Because our practice is located in a residential area we have very stringent restrictions placed on us regarding noise from barking dogs, particularly at night, and for this reason WE DO NOT AND CANNOT ADMIT UNINJURED STRAY DOGS into our hospital, particularly where there is no microchip or an owner cannot be contacted immediately. It is also technically illegal for us to do so given that were are not an Approved Premises for that purpose.

Thankfully the vast majority of people who bring uninjured strays to us understand and respect this situation and, where it is not possible for us to contact owners immediately, are prepared to take an animal home till an owner can be contacted or to deliver the dog to a council officer/pound or to an Approved Premises. 

Where we have the details of a lost dog on our client database we do usually  (thismay not be just possible just prior to closing time when owner cannot be contacted or for a particularly noisy dog) make an exception re admitting the dog in the knowledge that we are able to resort to physically take him or her home before we close in the evening. It is certainly not unknown for us to walk or drive a dog home in these circumstances.

We may admit stray cats, given that they present no noise problem, until an owner can be found or until collection by a Council officer and of course we have no hesitation in admitting and treating injured strays while we try to locate their owner.

The legislated situation is clearly covered by the Companion Animal Act NSW which states that "seized" (i.e. found) 

"seized (including found) animals must be delivered to the owner, a council pound OR an approved premises "

Hornsby Shire Council should be able to supply a list of Approved Premises in the area.


There may be some veterinary practices in the area which are registered as Approved Premises for the purpose of taking in stray dogs but Cherrybrook Vet Hospital is not one of them.

Hornsby Shire Council does not currently (2018) provide a Pound within the Shire and instead uses the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter at 10 Mulgrave Road, Mulgrave 2756 (phone 0245604644) as its stray animal base.

There is a dog pound more conveniently situated at 180 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh but it will only accept animals that are presented as having been found in Ku-ring-gai Shire. 

We know from the occasional unfortunate  experience that doing our best to assist with a stray dog can be a no-win situation for us but thankfully the unpleasantness of such instances is far outweighed by the gratitude we receive from the vast majority of people, both owners and finders of stray dogs, who understand and respect our situation.