Cherrybrook Vet Hospital has been established since 1992 and provides caring, compassionate veterinary services of a high standard for pets. There has been an emphasis on providing the sort of personalised attention and clinician/client/patient relationship that may not be available in larger practices. We allow for longer more thorough consultations rather than striving for rapid throughput.

Our practice has for many years drawn clients from the Cherrybrook, West Pennant Hills, Pennant Hills, Castle Hill, Dural areas and beyond.

There has been significant investment in equipping the hospital to allow a wide range of diagnostic procedures to be carried out in-house so as to facilitate more rapid establishment of diagnoses and initiation of appropriate treatment. This covers areas such as in-house blood pathology testing, digital radiography (both general and dental), ultrasound, blood-pressure monitoring and ECG. For more complicated pathology procedures we have the option of sending specimens to Symbion and Idexx laboratories, both of which have excellent courier services and are usually able to have results back to us within 12 hours.  

Surgical and dentistry cases are well provided for at Cherrybrook Vet Hospital with up-to-date anaesthetic techniques routinely used. We also place heavy emphasis on effective monitoring of patients during anaesthesia with pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring as well as respiratory visual and auditory alerts used during surgical procedures.

We provide hospitalisation facilities but do not board animals. 

Pet Care Products 

We have chosen not to get involved in the area of merchandising in our practice as we would prefer to concentrate on the veterinary side of things and leave the petcare product sales to pet shops and supermarkets. We do however stock a limited range of mainly prescription diets for both dogs and cats. Given the ever-expanding range we may need to order in specific items on request. 

Specialist Referrals 

We are fortunate to have several excellent specialist referral hospitals within a convenient distance of Cherrybrook. These include SASH at North Ryde, NEVS at Terrey Hills, ARH at Homebush and Northshore Specialist Hospital at Crows Nest. This provides our clinicians with the option of referring appropriate cases to veterinary specialists highly trained and experienced in such areas as opthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, neurology, cardiology, oncology and internal medicine. We are also able to call on surgical and ultrasound specialists to come and carry out procedures in our practice. Only a small percentage of cases we treat require specialist referral, but where such referral is an appropriate option it is the policy of our veterinarians to raise and discuss that option. 

After Hours Emergencies and Assistance

The advent of after-hours veterinary hospitals has made life much easier for veterinarians in general practice.  We are fortunate to have several 24 hour emergency facilities available within a reasonable distance including

Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), phone 98890289, located a relatively short drive along the M2 and off on the Delhi Road exit at North Ryde. This hospital provides an exceptionally high standard of continuous patient care and monitoring 24/7 along with ready access to specialist opinion.

Animal Referral Hospital  (ARH) Baulkham Hills branch, phone 96397744, located at Baulkham Hills and

Northside Emergency Veterinary Services (NEVS) on Mona Vale Road at Terrey Hills, phone 94522933.

Consultations and Appointments 

We have always run our consultations by appointment.

We allow time for lengthier, more thorough consultations as required and we try to avoid squeezing in more appointments than we can comfortably cope with.

We place emphasis on keeping as close to appointment times as we can and to spacing appointments so as to avoid keeping clients waiting, and also to minimise congestion in the parking area.